By The Numbers

~160,000 HAC Circulating Supply
0 Million
22,000,000 HAC Total Supply to be Reached in Approximately 66 Years
0 Million
16,777,216 HAC Diamond Max Supply

A Truly Open & Shared Operating Mode

There is no centralized control of the interests and decision-making power. It is truly decentralized. All codes and algorithms (including nodes, wallets, and browsers) are all open source. The development of the project depends on the dedication of the early development contributors and the support of the consensus community. Everyone is both a contributor and a beneficiary.

Large-scale Real-time Settlement Network with Unlimited Expansion

The decentralized channel chain settlement network for anti-centralization, collection and payment, fast reconciliation, real-time arrival, arbitration protection, and dynamic scaling can increase transaction volume on demand. There is no upper limit in theory, so that it can fully cope with modern needs for business development.

Equity Control & Multi-signature Account System

Multi-signature accounts solve the security problems of lost keys and stolen keys and the need for simple co-custodial funds. Additionally, an account system that can meet the multi-level equity investment structure of modern enterprises (supporting the difference between beneficiary rights, voting rights, and avoiding the loss of funds in extreme cases).

Lossless Privacy Protection on Demand

Privacy-conscious currencies either sacrifice the transaction efficiency or need to keep transaction bandwidth online and therefore insecurely. Hacash provides a variety of privacy protection functions such as payment mixing, pre-deferred payment and encrypted settlement network which can be customized as needed without losing payment efficiency and ease of use.

Block Diamonds & Channel Interest

Block diamonds are a heterogeneous currency, and the supply can be adjusted dynamically according to currency demand and velocity. The total upper limit is 17 million pieces, which are indivisible, and each piece has a unique six-letter letter logo, which has a very high collection value. In addition to the fee income, the payment channel also has locked interest to encourage the popularization of the settlement network.

Historical Witness Against 51% Attacks

The 51% attack is one of the biggest risks hindering the large-scale use of cryptocurrencies. Hacash invented the historical witness algorithm, which lets the computing power compete to determine the future blocks, and let the currency distribution determine the historical blocks, thus in fact avoiding the possibility of 51% attacks. This means an attacker needs to both 51% of the computing power and 51% Coins can launch an attack making an attack economically prohibitive at scale.

Name (Ticker) Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) Hacash (HAC)
Release Date Jan 2009 July 2015 Feb 2019
Block Time 10 Minutes 14 Seconds 5 Minutes
Algorithm SHA256 Ethash X16RS(ASIC Resistant)
Consensus PoW PoW (Move to PoS) PoW(New design for 51% attack)
Max Supply 21 Million No Limit 22 Million in 66 years
Transaction Per Second 7-8 TPS 15-20 TPS 30-40 TPS
Block Reward 6.25 BTC (Halving / 210,000 Blocks) 2 ETH 1 – 8 HAC (Fibonacci Sequence)
Privacy None None Multi-optional
Main Utility Store Value DApps Settlement
Instant Transaction Lightning Network No Channel Chain Settlement Network
Dual-Currency No No Hacash Diamond (HACD)

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