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For many, mining crypto seems too complex or too expensive. Our desktop mining programs and step-by-step VPS setup guide will have you mining Hacash quickly. Start Mining Windows .exe Miner Installed just like any other Windows program. It will have you mining in just a few minutes. VPS Setup Guide Don't let the words "Linux" or "console" scare you. Our step-by-step guide provides all the directions and commands along with images so you can follow along. Supportive Community We pride ourselves in fostering a community that supports the pursuit of knowledge and assistance to others.
What is Hacash?

No Pre Mine As a POW coin, new HAC can only be produced when its mined. Everyone must contribute mining power to create HAC, even the creator. Young Chain Innovative project with a "young chain." Meaning, contributions to the project are warmly welcomed and mining it doesn't take advanced computing power. Multi-Currency Mining HAC Diamonds are a unique and more rare secondary currency only generated with an excess of mining power. DeFi Prepared Highly functional contracts to serve the new age of decentralized finance. Offchain Settlement Creative off-chain settlement networks to cater to both individual and business needs. Keeping it Private Several options for privacy among untrusted (external) and trusted (internal) transactions to meet individual and business needs. Available Pools Whitepaper

Disincentivizing Centralization An important component to Hacash's creation was to economically discourage large centralizations of HAC. This feature was extended to mining pools as well. Contributors of computing power are distributed according to computing power but if a certain address contributes more than 50% of the total computing power of the mining pool, the excess reward will be automatically distributed to other miners. What does this mean? Better decentralization of the currency and its miners' power. Expedition Pool Best for small desktop and VPS miners. Many Hands Make Light Work Join the Pool Journey Pool Best for many VPSs and high powered CPU miners. Unleash The Power Invitation Only Odyssey Pool Best for multiple, high powered, computational VPSs and CPU miners. Big Guns Coming Through Invitation Only